Chat Added

I’ve added a chat, if there is enough interest, I will look into adding a forum to the site again. Check the left side Menu for the “ATGO Chat” Link

Need Vacuum Diagrams?

We have added Thirdgen Camaro and Firebird Vacuum Diagrams, check it out @ We have also added Cloudflare CDN and Caching, so hopefully the website will load faster than ever, enjoy!

Camaro Online Parts List has been lost, does anyone still have a copy?

While looking through the logs, I noticed was getting a lot of hits.  Looking through my backups and the Wayback Machine, it appears the 82-92 Camaro Diagrams and Parts List in HTML format are lost for good. If anyone has a paper copy, or any digital copies of the 1982-1992 Camaro Parts Diagrams and Lists, please send me a message. [email protected] I was however able to find a Firebird version, in PDF, so hopefully that will help someone. Click on this Post Title to see the full post and enable the link to download the PDF.

Austin Thirdgen Organization is back!

Hey there, StevenK here. I’m the original founder of the Austin Thirdgen Organization. Many years ago as my car sat untouched, I let another member take over the administration and domain name renewals. I had attempted to contact them to regain control of the original web software, however as many have noticed the domain expired completely. I will be watching for people trying to get to old content and restoring as much as I can. A year or so ago I did back up a lot of the content manually, so the looks might change, but hopefully the original content will be able to help others for years to come. Please be patient as I rebuild the site to its former glory. I hope to make Austin Thirdgen the best place for 1982-2992 Camaro and Firebird information and community resources in the central Texas area.  If you need to contact me, you can e-mail me [email protected] or through TGO We already have the Thirdgen Wiring Diagrams, and Thirdgen Tech Articles back online, enjoy!