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Dan Duffy wrote on May 18, 2023
Can the Bosch fuel injectors be used to replace the original Rochester 5235210 on a 1987 2.8L V6 Camaro? I installed those and a new fuel pressure regulator, but now when I went to start it smoke came out through the intake pipe to the air filters. The Bosch injectors fit right, but maybe they're wrong for the car anyway. Please advise.
Albani Laporte wrote on March 3, 2023
Question for Chandler. Your sister bought my 89 Camaro RS to try and replicate her motherโ€™s car. She later stumbled into her motherโ€™s original Camaro and bought it. Does she still have it?
I owned Stephenโ€™s GTA for a while but sold it.
Chandler R wrote on February 21, 2023
Hi Steven K, my parents are old members and I was curious if you remembered them.
Steve and Crystal Cranford.
White firebird and the purple with 2 yellow striped camaro. My Dad Steve mentioned you were in austin Area and a great help. Would love to get in touch if you remember them!
Admin Reply by: StevenK
Hey there Chandler,

I do remember Steve, he was there when we started my LS1 swapped Camaro for the first time, you can see him about 1 minute into this video:

I was also able to recover some of his gallery photos here:
StevenK wrote on February 19, 2023
Welcome to ATGO Chat!