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Albani Laporte wrote on March 3, 2023
Question for Chandler. Your sister bought my 89 Camaro RS to try and replicate her motherโ€™s car. She later stumbled into her motherโ€™s original Camaro and bought it. Does she still have it?
I owned Stephenโ€™s GTA for a while but sold it.
Chandler R wrote on February 21, 2023
Hi Steven K, my parents are old members and I was curious if you remembered them.
Steve and Crystal Cranford.
White firebird and the purple with 2 yellow striped camaro. My Dad Steve mentioned you were in austin Area and a great help. Would love to get in touch if you remember them!
Admin Reply by: StevenK
Hey there Chandler,

I do remember Steve, he was there when we started my LS1 swapped Camaro for the first time, you can see him about 1 minute into this video:

I was also able to recover some of his gallery photos here:
StevenK wrote on February 19, 2023
Welcome to ATGO Chat!