Window Motor Replacement (Template)

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Window Motor Replacement – The Easy Way

1) Take off the door panel. The only hard part is the top of the door panel. (it helps to push down and then push out the clip that is holding it on from the inside of the door so that you can see the clips and it helps to have two people so that you dont break these clips). For this part, you just need a “star” hex wrench and a panel pop tool. (to make it easy without breaking anything)
2) Put a bolt and nut between the two scissors that are holding the window up so the window doesn’t fall when the motor comes lose. Then you need to drill out the rivets on the lower two rivets shown in the first two pictures.


3) Drill holes to give access to the screws holding the new motor



4) Use the following template drill through the metal that is blocking you from getting to the rivets and THEN drill through the rivets on the actual motor. FINALLY the motor will just fall out.

Download And Print The Template – Make sure to set your margins to 0, and do not allow the image to be scaled by whatever image program you use. I suggest photoshop.

For those that do not have photoshop, I’ve created a PDF file that SHOULD work perfectly, as long as your printer margins are set to 0. Click here for the PDF version

5) Put the new motor in with the supplied hardware, lub the gears, the scissors, the tracks, and put your door panels back on.

ATGO is not responsible for any damage done to your vehicle by following the above instructions.