Fixing Your A/C Vents So They Don’t Move

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By Brandon Vana ( [email protected] )

Don’t you hate those A/C vents that wont stay where you put them, or when you move them and they will just fall back to where they were just moments before? Most of us will put pennies, dimes, or even nickels to keep them from moving. I used to experience this until one day I had enough and pulled the vents out. I discovered that the vents have padding on the pivoting points and after several years these pads will deteriorate and allow for the vent to pivot freely instead of holding it steady.

To do this is very simple all you need is:

  • 2 Flathead low profile screwdrivers (don’t have a big end)
  • Some scissors
  • 6 Velcro squares or circles (what I used) try to get some that have a big adhesive patch

I would recommend doing the 2 center vents before doing the 4 vents by the doors, this way you can see how the vent comes out. Start by removing one of the vents by sliding the screw driver below the pivoting points (picture) and prying (gently) up/down depending on top or bottom.

Slide the vent slightly and place the screw driver there to keep it from falling back into the notch. Now do the same to the other pivot point, this can be tricky especially on the vents by the doors. Once you have the vent out you can see the old padding that used to hold the vent in one place. Pull these off and sand where it used to be with 80 grit sand paper to help the Velcro stick to the surface. Then you need to blow/wipe off the area.

Take 1 of the Velcro circles and cut it in half and place it on the tab that moves up and down (picture) and gently smash it on.

Repeat this process for the other pivoting point on the opposite side of the vent.

Now replace the vent by squeezing the tabs and slide in (you should hear it click)

Repeat this for the rest of the vents in the car and enjoy the vents that will stay where you put them![/color]

ATGO is not responsible for any damage done to your vehicle by following the above instructions.