Common Sensor Locations

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Sensor Location
(CTS) Engine Coolant Temp Sensor. Front of engine, below Throttle Body.
Engine Oil Temperature Sensor. Left rear of engine, just above the oil filter.
Oil Pressure Sender/Switch. Top, left hand rear of engine.
Fuel Quantity Sender. Top of fuel tank, beneath filler pipe escutcheon panel.
(MAT) Manifold Absolute Temperature Sensor. Underside of manifold air plenum at rear.
Outside Temperature Sensor. Right side of engine, top right corner of radiator.
In Car Temp Temperature Sensor. Coupe: above left seat near interior courtesy light, Convertible: center of cargo compartment lid.
(MAF) Mass Air Flow Sensor. Front of engine ahead of throttle body.
(O2) Oxygen Sensor. Left side of engine, in exhaust pipe.
(TPS) Throttle Position Sensor. Right side of throttle body at the front.

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